Stories of resilience

Strength, hope and community spirit: Stories of Resilience is a UK-wide storytelling project celebrating how grassroots groups and organisations worked with people who have migrated to the UK, refugees and people seeking asylum to connect and cope in creative ways during Covid-19.

Stories from the frontline

How DW Wendy became a ‘Queen of social media’

Women self-organising to take control of their children’s education

Buddy couple: focus on changing attitudes in the host community

A sister’s loving letter from Wales to Afghanistan

Just as Sitara sought safety in the UK, Covid-19 hit. In this letter to her sister in Afghanistan, she explains how she found new hope during the darkest days of the pandemic.

What my Equals bank card means to me

Women changing their own narratives and ‘paying it back’ through mental health support

Women finding strength through song

Coming out of the pandemic ‘stronger than before’

How African Rainbow Family sparked creativity among its community of LGBTIQ refugees and people seeking asylum during COVID-19

Porridge & Play Online - a response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

The power of city-wide collaboration

How coming together as a collective supported organisations in Bristol to respond more effectively to the needs of refugees and people seeking asylum

If it wasn’t for Covid I could go hug this family

How do you support refugee women trapped in abusive situations during lockdown? Doreen Hengari gives a snapshot of her work as a Refugee and Asylum Support Caseworker.

A hostile asylum system calls for resilient solutions

How coping with Covid led to a national plan to tackle homelessness and asylum-related destitution across Scotland.

The lockdown language lifeline

Imagine losing your partner and becoming your family’s sole carer, when your benefits stop during lockdown and you can’t speak the local language to find out why.