Insights into client and staff wellbeing, access to housing and safety and lived experience in shaping service responses.

August 22, 2022
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Data Hub Team

This is the fifth bulletin of the COVID-19 Information and Data Hub which presents the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on people in the immigration system across the UK. The bulletin presents data from two sources representing 114 organisations from across the UK.

  • Although lockdown is easing, needs have not yet changed significantly and isolation and loneliness has surpassed food poverty as the key concern.
  • The top three barriers faced by clients to maintaining emotional and mental wellbeing are lack of access to meaningful community activities (70%), lack of access to routine/activities that give a sense of purpose (62%), loss of support networks (55%).
  • Safety is an increasing concern. Respondents reported concerns about housing security, access and quality, risks for specific groups (looked after children, new arrivals, family members of service users deceased due to COVID), and rising discriminatory treatment from labour exploitation and hate crime.
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