The Good Practice & Partnerships Team works with organisations across the UK to connect and strengthen and adapt their services to better meet the needs of refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum.


Partner organisations


Regions across the UK


Live projects


We build and facilitate collaborative and transformative initiatives rooted in principles of prevention and de-escalation to strengthen the refugee and migrant sector in the UK, placing co-design and user experience at the core of our work, the sector and community.


A refugee, asylum and migrant sector made up of sustainable, adaptable, expert organisations and committed to collaboration. People with lived experience will be at the centre of service design, delivery and systemic change. With support from this collective of organisations, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants will have access to justice and successfully rebuild their lives throughout the UK.


We are informed by the voices of our and the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. We listen to the changing needs of organisations and we adapt our offer accordingly.


We support experimentation and innovation to enhance services and practice. We facilitate the development of digital and design skills so that the sector can adapt to the changing environment.


We connect communities in the sector to enhance skills, services and practice. We facilitate learning and best practice with the organisations we work with.


We believe that organisations should work collaboratively to change the systems they work within to achieve better outcomes. We look for opportunities to scale and share learning and knowledge as widely as possible.


We are aware of power dynamics and seek to minimise these where possible in our work. We promote anti-racist practice and promote learning and development to drive structural change and shift power to refugees and asylum seekers.

Sector-wide best practice

We regularly reflect on learning and progress. We prioritise access to justice and early action service development across the sector.


'Your support has greatly contributed to the success of our work on the ground. The support package that we have been receiving from Refugee Action to help the most vulnerable migrants is equivalent to a mentoring scheme.'
'It is so good to learn about new developments and initiatives to build voluntary sector infrastructure and to better support asylum seekers and refugees. Thank you so much.'
'Refugee Action has been exceptionally supportive with practical and rapid advice, helping us find digital solutions and sharing best practice to ensure our centre users get what they most need.'