EBE Project pilot

The Expert by Experience Project Pilot programme supports organisations to develop a project to include people with lived experience. 

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Cohort thoughts

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Everyone in the cohort developed their own project by working through the EBE Project Toolkit on Miro. Miro is a collaborative white-boarding tool. The worksheets contain prompts to help you develop your project. There are 4 worksheets, each covering a different phase:

  1. Discovery - understand your organisation and clients better
  2. Ideation - develop ideas that include people with lived experience
  3. Prioritisation - prioritise ideas based on impact versus investment
  4. Planning - sketch out a plan to help shape and start your project

View and use the EBE Project Toolkit

If you want to use the EBE Project Toolkit on Miro, you'll need to sign up to Miro, then duplicate the board. If you want to work on paper, here is a print version of the EBE Project Toolkit (PDF). Here is the Refugee Action example project.

EBE Project Toolkit on Miro

Course outline

Up to 12 participants attend four weekly 3 hour sessions. Training is delivered using an experiential approach; participants doing the activities themselves and then unpacking and reflecting, and discussing how they'd work in different contexts etc.

  • Week 1 - Group session: Intro to EBE work and the EBE Project Toolkit
  • Week 2 - Independent working: Discuss project with internal teams
  • Week 3 - Group session: Share project plans and peer reviews


We want to continue holding space for people doing this work to come together to share and develop good practice. You can sign up to our Meet Up page to stay up to date and join in these conversations on our experts-by-experience channel in the Slack ommunity.

Get in touch

If you have a question about the EBE Project Pilot, please email Lora at Refugee Action. We aim to reply within one week.

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