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The Report

The aim of this research was to review and map provision and demand for free and low-cost immigration legal advice throughout the UK. It included legal aid and all levels of non-legal aid provision.


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Listen to recordings from each workshop, where we present and discuss findings for each region.



This research has exposed the very severe shortage of immigration and asylum legal advice in many parts of the UK, even for the limited range of matters which remains in scope in England and Wales.

The shortage threatens to frustrate access to justice triggered by both the Widening Dispersal and National Transfer Schemes which aim to ensure that people seeking sanctuary are accommodated more evenly through all parts of the UK.

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Recommendations are aimed at:

  • Home Office
  • Ministry of JusticeLegal Aid (England & Wales)
  • Legal Aid (Scotland)
  • Legal Services Agency (Northern Ireland)
  • Local AuthoritiesFunders & Other Organisations
  • Legal & Voluntary Sector Response

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Related Report

Published in June 2021, this report shows the demand and supply for immigration legal advice in London.

The report examines the different types of providers, their capacity, their distribution across the city, funding models and approaches, and the entry points and referral routes through advice networks in London.

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