Destitution Payments

Practical advice and resources on ways of getting funds to people remotely and safely.

Payment Methods

What clients are saying

Experts by Experience service user groups use their personal experience to develop better services for refugees and asylum seekers.

We spoke with a group of Experts in Bradford to help us understand their needs, preferences and concerns. Here's what they had to say:

Flexibility matters

Several participants argued that it was better to use a card so that you can avoid contact with money. Many had concerns around health, Covid 19 and contact were at the forefront of our conversations.

However, several participants also agreed that some people don’t accept a card or you have to spend at least £10 to use a card. This is problematic when you want to buy small things.

Others raised the issue of some shops not accepting cash at all, one member cited an issue in their local area where all the ATMs are empty and people cannot access cash.

Cards where you can withdraw cash are good

Cards that work with both ATMs and contactless are best. This is because some shops only accept cards and some shops only accept cash. It depends on location, for example a corner shop may have a minimum spend for card payment. It also depends on the circumstances of an individual.


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