Virtual Learning Support

Virtual learning support includes important learning and development opportunities such as ESOL classes.

Last updated:
November 2, 2021
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  • Able to adapt usual in-person services online
  • Provide practical support that will help people's learning and development
  • Practical support and connection can help emotional wellbeing
  • Can add social element with group sessions
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  • Access to internet and technologies needed
  • Privacy and a quiet space is needed
  • Resolving support issues is challenging

Suitable for

  • People that require help with English language skills, eg. conversation practice
  • People that need homework support


This wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of SOLACE, TimePeace and GOVAN Community Projects.

Virtual learning support involves providing people with practical support and opportunities for learning and developing skills that can help with everyday life. Examples include virtual English as a second language (ESOL) classes, reading assistance, and homework club.

While groups aren’t required for this support to take place, groups can add a social element which may make the sessions more dynamic. As they are held online, people will require access to digital technologies with fast internet, and knowledge on using communication platforms.


Staff/Volunteer requirements
  • IT support
  • Groups meet online weekly, with some moving to twice weekly
Participant requirements
  • Crucial to provide participants with time and practical support to increase digital skills and confidence
  • Support is needed to set up devices, email addresses and how to use the apps required
Staff training
  • Staff/volunteers able to plan sessions, teach and adapt to online delivery


  • Partnerships are crucial to responding effectively to new and emerging situations, and keeping up with initiatives that are outside of the immediate sector
  • Tablets that are WiFi enabled with MiFi routers are cheaper than those that use 4G connectivity

Helpful resources


“Clients wellbeing has been significantly impacted by the lockdown, in particular stress caused by accommodation and asylum support issues, social isolation, food insecurity, access to ESOL, and digital poverty.”


“Following evaluation of online ESOL, there may well be scope to continue to offer a combination of virtual/face-to-face classes which may reduce accessibility barriers to some.”