Insights into hotels and barracks, hate crime, destitution and evictions and access to justice

May 28, 2020
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Bulletin 7 of the Information and Data Hub presents the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on people in the immigration system across the UK

• Broadly, there is a similar profile of top needs in Survey 7 to those identified in Survey 5 and 6, with isolation and loneliness, deteriorating mental health and homelessness being the top needs. Operational needs also remain similar to previous surveys; increased internet access for clients (42%), more management time and capacity to develop new ways of working (33%) and more staff (31%).

61% of surveyed organisations are working in hotels/barracks

35% of respondents reported that their clients have experienced a rise in discrimination and/or hate crime over the last six months

You can access the Executive Summary document below, and download the Full Bulletin 7 with detailed findings and analysis.

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