The Refugee Action Explore programme helps charities improve the lives of the people they support.

More about Explore

Programme outline

The Explore programme runs over 8 weeks. Here’s what we’ll cover.


Understand the problem space, user needs and organisational needs.


Develop and sketch a range of solutions. Test and validate initial ideas.


Develop a prototype or make changes to your website or service.

Timeline & key dates

  • Applications open - Tue 10th to Fri 20th Nov, 5pm
  • Application review - Mon 16th to Fri 27th Nov
  • Notifications sent out - From Mon 30th Nov
  • Programme onboarding - From Mon 7th Dec
  • Programme - Mon 11th Jan- Fri 5th March
  • Programme review - End of March

Focus areas

We appreciate that organisations have a range of needs. However, for the Explore programme, we are focusing on two areas.

1. Making websites accessible

Explore how to improve your website so that people can find your organisation and your services.

2. Adapting service delivery

How cohorts work

We will have two cohorts, each exploring a focus area above.

A cohort is made up of

  • Project leads from 6 charities
  • A programme lead from Refugee Action
  • A digital specialist
  • An Expert by Experience

Working together

A cohort meets twice a week through Zoom. We’ll also use the Refugee Action Slack Workspace to communicate and share work.

Time commitments

You will need to free up around 16 days to engage with the project. We will have group sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 8 weeks.

Programme review

We’ll run a review session at the end of March. Together, we’ll evaluate the work and impact, and support charities with next steps.

Engagement support

We'll provide up to £3000 to cover costs for each organisation to engage in the programme.

To be eligible your organisation must:

  • Agree to engage with the whole programme
  • Put aside the time needed to engage with the programme 
  • Assign a project lead for the programme
  • Assign an Expert by Experience to support the project lead
  • If an Expert by Experience cannot be sought, agree to work with a GPP EbyE
  • Agree that any data, findings and developments can be shared across the GPP community to support other organisations to adapt
  • To commit to the GPP principles of collaboration* (link to these)
  • To be reimbursed solely for engagement with this programme and be able to evidence this if necessary

Selection criteria

We’re looking for organisations that:

  • Will address a problem in one of the focus areas outlined above
  • Will create something that has a positive impact on their organisation or the people they serve
  • Are keen to produce solutions that other asylum, refugee and migrant charities can learn from

We’re aiming to put together a cohort that:

  • Supports a diverse group of people 
  • Cover a geographic spread across the UK

Get in touch

If you have a question about Explore, please email Pascale at Refugee Action. We aim to reply within one week.

Email Pascale