Wellbeing discovery project

Can you help us improve the wellbeing of practitioners in the refugee and asylum sector?

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Why are we doing this project?

People are being overworked, have financial worries and are experiencing stress and anxiety. We need to find ways to address these challenges.

Where has this project come from?

Responses to our Insights Hub surveys in early 2022 and learning from workshops delivered by Act Build Change raised concerns about the wellbeing of people working in the refugee and asylum sector. In the June 2022 bulletin, focused on wellbeing, 76% of organisations said that they were ‘surviving’ as opposed to thriving or struggling and in the July 2022 bulletin, 19 of 22 organisations told us they are interested in opportunities to engage in design work to think about organisational wellbeing.

Who are we speaking with?

We'd love to speak with:

  • Staff, including caseworkers, volunteers, managers and senior leadership
  • Experts who offer wellbeing support and services
  • Funders who are interested in funding wellbeing initiatives for the sector

How can you be involved?

We will be engaging staff, experts and funders slightly differently.

We’d invite staff to join a:

  • 1 hour interview (End of October) to tell us about your experiences
  • 0.5 day workshop (15th November 1:30-5pm) to help us reflect on what we have heard and think through next steps
  • 2 hour meeting (6th December 1:30-3:30pm) to share our journey and findings with funders

You will also be invited to our digital skills masterclass on 8th November to help you learn the digital tools we use for our online workshop if you need it.

We can offer staff £500 per person for your engagement time and it will be an opportunity to connect with others who are passionate about improving wellbeing in the sector.

We invite experts to join a:

  • 1 hour interview (End of October / start of November) to tell us about your experiences

We invite funders to join a:

  • 2 hour workshop (December) to share our consolidated findings and what we think the sector needs to do next.

Get involved

If you are interested in being involved, or if you have any questions, please email Polly at Refugee Action.

Email Polly