The Frontline Network: funding, opportunities and national survey

July 21, 2021
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The Frontline Network
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The Frontline Network

The Frontline Network works at a local and a national level to support frontline staff supporting people experiencing homelessness, across the UK, working in the voluntary, public and statutory sectors. Read about their local network opportunities, training and events fund and their national frontline workers survey.

At a local level we work with a community of Partners, who facilitate local networks in their areas, which bring together frontline staff to network, share experience/ expertise, talk through solutions to common barriers and link to decision makers. Event themes/activities are steered by what frontline staff need.

Our Local Network Coordinator is supporting organisations to set up local networks in their areas. He can provide capacity to run events that are beneficial for local frontline staff; and can be thematic or geographical in approach. Events might offer formal training, presentations and updates from local/ national services and focus on specific topics and themes. These provide informal spaces for staff to network, support solution-focused practice and share what is happening locally. If you are interested in us offering this in your area- please contact us.

At a national level, we offer Funding, Community and Resources. This includes our training fund- £500 for individuals and £1,000 towards group training and Ideas Fund- up to £10,000 for creative, solution focused work supporting frontline staff/ people they support. Our shadowing and events funds are currently paused whilst we are unable to offer in person activities.

We also run an annual ‘Frontline Worker Survey’ across the UK, which is currently live until 30th November 2020. It would be great if you can take 15 minutes to tell us what you think and complete the survey here. We believe this survey offers a unique opportunity for frontline workers to say what is and isn’t working when supporting people experiencing homelessness. We use this survey's feedback to amplify the voice of frontline workers with decision-makers, when developing strategies to reduce homelessness. 

Our News and Views section shares best practice across the UK via short blogs. Our C-19 frontline worker support forum offers a space to share resources, pose questions and connect. We have hosted themed Q&As around NRPF, business not as usual- what needs to change beyond c-19.

Our What’s on- promotes events across the UK that are free or up to £30. Happy to share details of any of your forums if helpful? We also have a monthly e-news that goes out to our network members. It is free to join the Frontline Network- you just need to be a paid frontline worker supporting people experiencing homelessness.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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