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Last updated: 30th June 2020, Checked: 4th Nov 2021
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Communicate your delivery plans

Communicating clearly will help people understand how to access your services, what services you are providing and when you are providing them. It will also help mitigate risks and ensure people don’t make wasted journeys. 

What to do

  1. Communicate with partners
    The strongest area responses going into lockdown included those where partners spoke regularly, collaborated and shared plans, streamlined support, strengthened referral mechanisms and reduced duplication.
  2. Communicate plans with those who may need services
  3. Give clear instructions
    Communicate what support is available, to who, in what formats, and how they can access it.
  4. Proactively contact clients identified as a priority
    Contact people you have identified as needing support to access services remotely.
  5. Ensure staff and volunteers clearly understand the plan
    Make sure start dates, and how to communicate to clients, are understood.


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