Programme modules

Module 1:
Supporting your organisation with digital skills

May - September 2023

We’ll start at the beginning by exploring the foundational digital skills your organisation needs to thrive. To do this, we’ll help you get set up with your own version of thedigital skills framework we’ve co-developed with The Scouts Association and other voluntary sector organisations.

The framework includes a whole range of trusted resources for you to get started with, from the basics to the more specialist skills.

We want to explore how we can make the framework work for people with lived experiences of forced migration. To do this, we’ll start off by researching the specific needs of your organisation and identifying methods for people with lived experience to participate in the development of the framework.

We’ll support you to tailor the framework to your organisation and test it over three months with your staff. We’ll also work with you on a roadmap so you can continue your upskilling work in digital beyond this project.  

To help you take part, we’ll provide small grants of £2,084.75 to cover your participation in the programme and some of the tools you’ll be using.

Module 2:
Hands-on digital training 

October - December 2023


  • Session 1: 31st October 10:00-11:30
  • Session 2: 7th November  10:00-11:30
  • Session 3: 5th December  10:00-11:30

In October, we’ll invite you and a colleague to join a Digital Service Design Course. We know from experience that when two people join from the same organisation, it can increase accountability, as well as providing support when you’re making change - and an important second opinion when you’re bouncing ideas around. We’d recommend one of the attendees at least has lived experience of forced migration.

On the six-week course you’ll learn innovative techniques from the digital world to enhance your work and problem-solving abilities. You’ll be supported to develop a better understanding of the challenges faced by your volunteers or colleagues, as well as the individuals and / or communities you support, through research and participation techniques, and learn how to create simple solutions to address them. And you’ll be supported to start solving a real digital challenge that your organisation is currently facing (we’ll ask you to share this with us - in confidence - before the course).

This course covers some of the fundamentals used in User Centred Design – if you’ve heard of this and always wondered what it means, this is your chance to learn more about it.

This online course will support you to strengthen your digital foundations, giving you:

  • Increased confidence with digital problem-solving processes - regardless of whether you are working on digital or non-digital projects or challenges
  • Improved understanding of the challenges faced by your volunteers, colleagues - and the individuals and / or communities you support.
  • Handy techniques to involve colleagues or service users with lived experience in the project
  • A ‘starter’ solution or action plan to take away
  • Resources and next steps to continue learning

These skills are transferable to both digital and non-digital projects or challenges, making this course ideal for anyone who would like to improve their problem-solving abilities.

Course schedule

  • 3 live group Zoom sessions
  • Total of 10-14 hours of coursework on our online platform: videos, reading and exercises
  • Weekly emails with top tips
  • Access to an expert throughout for questions and support

Module 3:
Digital Masterclasses

January - March 2024

Once you’ve covered the basics with Modules 1 & 2, and had time to put some of the tools and processes into practice, in 2024 we’ll move on to a series of Masterclasses that will deepen your understanding of key digital subjects. 

These masterclasses (topics to be defined closer to the time, based on need) will be a mix of learning and an opportunity to discuss challenges with others who are in a similar position to you. We know having time with peers is a key enabler for learning a new skill and making long-lasting change.

Module 4:
Ongoing digital opportunities

May/June 2024

Beyond this, there will be ongoing opportunities to continue your digital journey - through further support to embed the skills framework, by joining a growing network of digital leads sharing best practice and advice, or supporting other organisations just starting out with digital.

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