Resilient Local Ecosystems

Inspiration and learning from local asylum ecosystems who are developing shared approaches to tackle systemic issues.


We know that organisations do not operate in a vacuum, they need to work together, and with refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum, to achieve change and improve outcomes. We want to share the solutions that are developed and tested by organisations across the EAR partnership's seven local ecosystems.


We will share our learning on strengthening and sustaining collaboration  within local ecosystems.

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Blog: Strengthening local asylum ecosystems


If any of the challenges identified by the 7 areas strike a chord with what you’re doing and you’d like to connect with the organisations working on them, please get in touch.


We know that there are lots of amazing people working really hard on similar challenges across the UK. This work is often hard, long-term, unseen and unfunded.

We think that the more we connect and share, the stronger our responses will be and the more we can achieve.

The EAR partners meet every quarter to share updates, learning and plan collaborative pieces of work to overcome shared challenges.

If you would like to join our network of Ecosystem Coordinators — please get in touch!


We run courses throughout the year to support organisations with this work.



Get in touch

If you have a question about Local Ecosystems, please email Pascale at Refugee Action. We aim to reply within one week.

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